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This is the free editorial showcase of new ranges, which is in every copy of Progressive Greetings, the GCA’s official magazine. A new card range from six publishers is featured on each page with around 60 words of text about each range.

Each time you release a new range it is good idea to send information about it to the trade press. This is potentially free publicity for your business and a key part of the launch plan for a new range. There are no guarantees that it will go in, but it's important to build up a relationship with the trade press. 

Progressive Greetings Innovations is purely focused on new product releases rather than the publisher. The best way to send the information is to email a paragraph of approximately 60 words to Jakki Brown, covering the list below and including a high resolution jpeg image. The text certainly doesn’t need to be perfect as it will be rewritten to suit house style. Further details of the information needed for this is section are listed below.

GCA Members receive email reminders for the trade fairs issues or when there are spaces in this section to fill. Trade fair issues are listed below. In these issues the Innovations section expands to become the trade fair showcase - so these sections fill up very quickly!

Scroll down below the image for further information about how to be involved in this section,

If you would like to be included in PG's Innovations, please send a paragraph covering the information below to 

  • The name of your new range or range that you are expanding
  • The number of designs in the range and the size of the cards when wrapped
  • Anything you would like to be mentioned about it - what makes the range special and different, subject matter, occasions covered, artists’ names, special finishes.
  • Colour of envelopes, whether they are sold wrapped
  • Your company name and sales telephone number!
  • Hall and Stand number at trade fair, when applicable

Trade Fair Issues:

  • January - Top Drawer Spring
  • February - Spring Fair International
  • March - British Craft Tradefair
  • April - London Stationary Show
  • June - Progressive Greetings Live
  • July - Harrogate Home & Gift
  • September - Autumn Fair and Top Drawer Autumn


  • These need to be high resolution - at least 300dpi, and sent as a tiff, j-peg or pdf
  • We can take images up to 5MB in size
  • One entry only per publisher can be featured and we prefer not to feature the same publisher two months in a row.
  • Your information needs to be received at least a month in advance of the issue being published.

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