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Key Stage 2: Hurrah for Ra!

Art, design and history come together in this ‘Thank you’ card-making project dedicated to the Egyptian sun god, Ra. Children will learn about paper-making, the origins of writing and about Ancient Egyptian culture, expressed through the art and artefacts discovered in King Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Hurrah for Ra! comprises three one-hour lessons in total starting with a session on Ancient Egyptian history, 2D stylised art and paper-making, which sets up the historical context and a paper making project. There are four options provided for papermaking depending on the amount of time the teacher wishes to devote to this and then the final lesson covers Egyptian hieroglyphs and a card-making project.

The plan is fully mapped into Key Stage 2 syllabuses for Art & Design, Design Technology, History and Geography subjects with full National Curriculum references, teacher notes and resources included.

Also included is ‘Tut’s Treasures’ a powerpoint presentation on Ancient Egypt, the sun god Ra and the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and its treasures.

Download: Keystage 2: Hurrah for Ra!

Download: Tut’s Treasures Powerpoint Presentation