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3D Cards for GCSE Graphic Products Courses

Everything from the history of card making through to inspiration, design and development.

  • A Short History of Written Communication

    Before paper was invented, civilisations across the world developed many different solutions to the problem of communicating knowledge over distance and time.


  • Paper and Board

    There are literally thousands of different types of papers and boards available. Some have restricted availability because of their type of manufacture, country of origin, cost size, quantity required etc. But there are ways and means around these restrictions.


  • Creative Inspiration and Economical Approach

    There are many ways to inspire creativity. The most innovative usually come from taking your starting point from outside your immediate circle of thought.


  • Production Process

    The final working drawings are handed over to the printer who will pass the graphics to the colour plate maker to separate and reproduce in readiness for printing.


  • Creasing

    Hints and tips for folding, scoring, and perforation.


  • Design and Development

    A breakdown of the different stages.


  • Card Making Links and Book List

    Highly recommended links and book lists.