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For Schools

  • 3D Cards for GCSE Graphic Products Courses

    Everything from the history of card making through to inspiration, design and development.


  • Primary School Activity Pack

    The following theme plans use greeting cards as the stimulus for a range of cross-curricular activities that have relevance for children aged 5 to 11 throughout England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


  • Key Stage 1: Let’s Be Friends Lesson Plan

    Card-making to help build relationships and promote class cohesion in the early years. This plan is written as an induction/ ‘getting to know you’ activity in which children make and send a simple card to a classmate containing a positive message.


  • Key Stage 2: Hurrah for Ra!

    Art, design and history come together in this ‘Thank you’ card-making project dedicated to the Egyptian sun god, Ra. Children will learn about paper-making, the origins of writing and about Ancient Egyptian culture, expressed through the art and artefacts discovered in King Tutankhamun’s tomb.


  • Four Fun Craft Projects

    These projects are designed for all ages and can be used as one off craft activities or as part of a sequence on card making. Curriculum Links to Art and Design Technology


  • 12 Year Old Card Publisher Case Study

    12 year old Mia Lapwood talks about how she started up her successful card publishing business.