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Tips on Terms & Conditions

State if you have a minimum order amount (often £50).

State that prices exclude VAT. (You add VAT on the invoice if you are VAT registered)

Set Carriage paid (which means you pay for the delivery) on orders of somewhere around £100 – this encourages buyers to order more.

State 30 days term for payments (you’ll be lucky - but good to put down!).

State that all orders are firm sale (not sale or return).

First orders pro-forma (they order, you send them a pro-forma invoice – the retailer pays in advance)

To whom cheques should be made payable.

Delivery times (suggest you turn around as quickly as possible – some companies are now doing next day delivery, a week or 2 weeks should be acceptable.)

State that all cards remain your property until paid for in full.

Damaged or incorrectly delivered cards should be notified within 7 days.

Goods supplied at current list prices (important as they may be ordering from an old brochure).