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Tips on Order Forms

Include all your contact details on each form.

A section for the details of the shop:

  • Contact name at the shop
  • Delivery address
  • Any special instructions/required delivery date

Payment details:
Bacs (your bank details) and Cheques payable details

Minimum order amount and carriage paid order amount (either in number of cards or in value).

You need two basic columns for each range, the first should be have the header ‘card code’, the second is for ‘units’ ie the number of units being ordered. Make it clear that a unit is a pack of six individually wrapped cards.

If your cards are all priced the same, you can state the price (each and in sixes ex VAT) in one place on the form.

If the ranges are priced differently state the price under the range name.

Then you need a subtotal for each range, carriage, VAT and a grand total at the end of the form.

Your terms and conditions should also be somewhere on the form or on the back.

State all orders accepted subject to your terms and conditions.

If you have agents print your order forms using NCR printing (No Carbon Required). This means there are two sheets with each order form. The second one is usually a different colour that allows the user to quickly create a carbon copy of the top sheet as it’s filled in. 

Also have a New Account Form for anyone applying for credit. This has all the main contact info plus the Accounts Payable Info (often a different department or person to chase for payment).

Also, get two references and have a signature at the bottom accepting your terms.

The most important thing is to clarify the legal entity that you are selling to (a Sole Trader/Partnership, LLP or Ltd Co. and where best to contact them). If not an LLP you need the Sole Traders/Partners personal contact details in the event of the shop closing down.