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Starting Up

How to start up as a greeting card publisher

Before clicking on the sections below, listen to this 40 minute podcast all about starting up as a greeting card publisher with Sharon Little, previous GCA CEO, being interviewed by Ekta Bajaj of member publishing company, Karmic Creations.

  • The Basics

    The Ladder Club seminars and general advice for start up businesses


  • Design Matters

    Hints and Tips when designing a card.


  • Market Research

    This is the most important initial stage of starting your business. Immerse yourself in the industry, find out about the best specialist trade suppliers.


  • Printing

    The greeting card industry is served by a number of specialist printing companies who offer not just printing but also a 'one stop shop' for finishing (eg. foiling or adding glitter) as well as supplying envelopes and cello wrap.


  • Trade Shows

    Making contacts in the industry.


  • DTR vs. Wholesale

    There are two main types of greeting card publisher, differentiated by the distribution method they use and therefore types of retailer they supply.


  • Sales Agents

    Who are they and what do they do?


  • Advertising

    Progressive Greetings Worldwide is the leading trade magazine for the greeting card industry and the official magazine of the GCA.


  • Barcodes

    Identifying goods, services, assets and locations worldwide.


  • Export

    Contacts and links to help you get started


  • Distributors

    For a list of greeting card distributors please contact Sharon Little.