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Sales Agents

  • Employing an Agent

    Most small and medium sized publishers rely on sales agents for their sales to the independent retail trade.


  • Finding an Agent

    The best method is by word of mouth. Ask retailers for recommendations, talk to agents you already know or work with. A retailer recommendation can mean that the agent is liked, trusted and carries a range of sought after merchandise.


  • Appointing your Agent

    Principals should always seek the advice of a legal specialist in this field and make themselves aware of the regulations involved and their implications before employing an agent.


  • Tips on Contracts

    If, during a probationary period or a fixed term contract the agent proves unacceptable and you wish to end the agreement at the end of the period, you must notify the agent of this in writing before the end of the period is up.


  • Rosie Trow’s Agent Tips

    There is a strange breed of human beings out there called agents. These should not be feared, they don’t bite (very often!) and are a specialist publisher’s route to the consumer.


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