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Dos and Dont’s

The do's and don'ts of greeting card design


  • Do your homework. A little time spent researching the market will save you a lot of time, money and frustration in the long run.
  • Do ring up the company prior to sending copies of your designs to check whether they accept freelance work and to find out to whom they should be addressed.
  • Do remember that few greeting card display racks show each card in its entirety. Remember to ensure that some of the design 'action' appears in the top half.
  • Do remember that most wholesale designs will need to include a caption - or space for one
  • Do present your work well.
  • Do send 10 to 15 examples of your work, preferably as jpeg or pdf files at a decent resolution.
  • Do provide links to your website and blog.
  • Do put your name and address on the back of every hard copy design.
  • Do enclose an SAE if you wish your work to be returned. Please make sure this is large enough and has enough postage on it to take your samples.
  • Do agree how you will be paid.


  • Don't ever send original hard copies.
  • Don't waste your time sending a long letter of introduction. It invariably will not be read.
  • Don’t send very large files as email attachments.
  • Don't sell two publishers similar designs. A bad reputation will follow you around.
  • Don’t badger the publisher immediately after submitting work
  • Don't take rejection personally.