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For Artists

Freelance designing - from designing for greeting cards to finding the right publisher.

  • Designing for Greeting Cards

    The UK population spends £1.5 billion a year on greeting cards - yet finding a route into this fiercely competitive industry is not always easy.


  • Finding the Right Publishers

    It is difficult to target the most appropriate potential publishers for your work, especially as some publishers produce a variety of card ranges and some produce specific types.


  • DTR vs. Wholesale

    There are two broad categories of publisher - wholesale and direct-to-retail (DTR) - differentiated by the distribution method used to reach the retailer.


  • Approaching a Publisher

    The first step is to establish whether the publisher accepts work from freelance artists and their requirements for an artist's submission.


  • Money Matters

    There is no set industry standard rate of pay for greeting card artists, however, there are a number of different ways an artist can be paid. These can be per design or on a range basis.


  • Dos and Dont’s

    The do's and don'ts of greeting card design