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Helpful information for publishers, students, schools, artists and writers

Resources is our free information centre for anyone interested in the greeting card industry. Whether you are a fledgling publisher, artist or writer, a teacher, a student or a journalist, we have lots of sections here to inform and help you get involved.

  • For Publishers

    Helpful advice and support on all the main topics of interest to help get you started in the industry.


  • For Retailers

    Hello lovely retailers! Welcome to your lovely new resources page! Thinking of You Week and Spring Seasons PoS Toolkits are here!


  • For Students

    Resources to help students decide whether to make greeting cards their chosen career path.


  • For Artists

    Freelance designing - from designing for greeting cards to finding the right publisher.


  • For Writers

    Freelance writing - from guidelines for submitting work to greeting card presentation tips.


  • For Schools

    Greeting card resources for primary and secondary schools.


  • Articles and Links

    Articles for publishers and retailers and links to other websites and resources.