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Send in Your Cards for the Queen’s 90th Birthday Display at PG Live

No one should let a big birthday go by without being lavished with a fabulous array of birthday cards. And if you're marking a really major 90th birthday milestone and happen to be the Queen, well that sets the bar a little higher! Obviously as the card industry we want to make a splash and do something special to mark this event!

The GCA is inviting all our publisher members to design and write a special card for the Queen's 90th birthday which we will deliver to Buckingham Palace.

But before we deliver them, we're going to put them all on display on a special 90th Birthday stand at PG Live and encourage visitors to also write their birthday wishes.

If you are not a greeting card publisher, please send your cards direct to Her Majesty the Queen, Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA.

All publisher members are welcome to contribute - you don't need to be exhibiting at the show for this. We're keen to have a really bumper crop of cards to deliver!

There will be two elements to the display at PG Live:

A specially made card written and signed by you!
Don’t forget to write a message to Her Majesty and sign the card, and also remember to include your name and address inside the card – if you do this you should receive an official thank you acknowledgement from Buckingham Palace. Please include an unsealed envelope. There is no size stipulation for the feature at PG Live.

Extra cards for retailers to write at the show
In addition to your specially made and signed cards, we also want to encourage retailers to write 90th birthday cards to the Queen, which we will deliver as part of our bumper birthday ‘postbag’ from the greeting card industry.

With this in mind, please also send some additional cards that would be suitable for this purpose, for people to write on the stand at the show. Any number up to 20 cards would be great for this!

The deadline for receiving all the 90th birthday cards for the Queen is Wednesday 4th May.

Please send your cards to Birthday Cards For The Queen, GCA, United House, North Road, London N7 9DP.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing all your gorgeous cards for the Queen!