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‘Send a card, deliver a smile’ is our new industry tagline!

The winner of the GCA's Tagline Challenge is 'Send a card, deliver a smile’. This is the phrase that received the most votes for an industry tagline which retailers, publishers, agents and trade suppliers felt best represents the spirit of greeting card sending.

The ‘greeting card electorate’ turned out in their masses to cast their votes at the GCA's polling booth at PG Live last month, with publishers, retailers, overseas distributors and suppliers to the trade taking part.

Claire Fitzgerald, card buyer of Waterstones casting her vote.

The ballot box filled up quickly as visitors to the show were more than happy to put the ‘x’ in the box next to their favoured taglines.

Sharon Little, ceo of the GCA said: “We have had a great level of engagement throughout the GCA Tagline Challenge – and the democratic voting system has done us proud! We now encourage everyone to use the phrase or the hashtag, on their websites, in social media, in their shops, on the backs of cards to help promote the joys and importance of sending and receiving cards.”

Voters on the GCA's PG Live stand seriously consider their options!

Some 160 entries were submitted to the GCA, which were then whittled down to 10 finalists which appeared on the ballot papers. The winning tagline was submitted by David Bowen, md of Easy Logistics, a GCA associate member.

In second place was ‘Love in an envelope’ (#loveinanenvelope) and the third most popular phrase was ‘Brighten someone’s day…send a card’ (#brightensomeonesday).

The hashtag version of the phrase is #sendacarddeliverasmile.

Lynda and Tony Raymond of LB Warehousing casting their votes.

An earlier version of this article appeared on and PG magazine.