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Pricing In Proportion

News from the GCA

On August 21 2006 Royal Mail introduced Pricing in Proportion (PiP), the system of calculating postage costs which is both size and weight based.

Since the introduction of this system, all post is divided into three categories Letter, Large Letter and Packet. Briefly, if an envelope is smaller than 165mm x 240mm x 5mm and under 100g, it is categorised as a Letter. If it is larger than any of these measurements, or over 100g it is classified as a Large Letter.

Full details of the sizes and price bands can be found at and

The PiP logos are available for download below.

GCA's Recommendations

In response to the change, the GCA came up with a logo for publishers to use, ideally at the bottom left side of page 4 of all stock, or on cello bags, one for Letter-size cards and the other for Large Letter-size cards. We believe that it is vitally important that customers can tell at a glance into which postal category a card falls.

In order to overcome any confusion with stock going overseas, the logo incorporates a UK mark.

Both the envelope manufacturers and office suppliers are using versions of the logos developed by the GCA (with kind thanks to Hallmark's marketing department and designer Matt Kenyon) and approved by Royal Mail.

It is vitally important for our industry that the public understands the difference between Letter and Large Letter and buys the appropriate stamps.