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GCA AGM and Conference - Tuesday 24 October 2017

Save the date!

We’re busy putting together a very fine package of speakers, workshops, an amazing lunch and plenty of opportunities to network and meet up with old friends and new, which we will be announcing shortly. It’s going to be awesome!

Our extra splendiferous venue will The Birmingham Council House, the very grand old Town Hall in the centre of Birmingham!

The AGM is also the time when members can stand to join our governing Council. If you’d like to get more involved we would love to hear from you, read on!
What is the Council?
The Council comprises members of the GCA who are elected to oversee its future direction and strategy and Council elections take place each year at the GCA AGM.
The present GCA Council members are listed here:

Every two years, four Council members are chosen to be Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
What does becoming a Council member involve?
Council members are expected to attend four Council meetings a year and to take ownership of any projects arising. Any liaising between meetings is done through the GCA office. A certain amount of sub-committee work may also be involved as and when necessary.
How do I become a Council member?
If you would like to stand for the Council, you can nominate yourself on the Nomination Form. And/or you may nominate one or more other members – but please check that they are willing to stand first!
Just fill in the attached form and pass to another GCA member for the nomination to be seconded, then return it to the GCA office. A separate form needs to be used for each nomination.
Each nomination must be seconded by another GCA member.
If more nominations are received than there are places on the Council, a secret ballot will be held at the GCA AGM and members will be advised of the results as soon as possible after the meeting.
So far we haven’t had to hold a ballot at the AGM.
Deadline: please return the nomination form to the GCA office by Friday 2 October 2017.
If you would like further information or a chat about joining the Council, just give Sharon Little a call on 020 7619 0396.