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GCA 100th Anniversary Exhibition:

The GCA is collecting a digital card archive to showcase our vibrant innovative industry as part of our Centenary celebrations. This exhibition will include designs available in shops today, and those on the market throughout the last 100 years. It will launch at our AGM on 17th October, and ultimately be available for members to use for their own events and PR

The exhibition will be in 3 parts:
1. Now - The Greeting Cards of 2019
2. Past-Heritage - cards from your archives as far back as you go. The V&A are supporting us so will supply images from their collection for the early years and to help us fill in they gaps. 
3. The Future - what will our industry look like in 10 or 20 years. 

We are thrilled that Geoff Sanderson, a talented senior creative force in our industry, has volunteered to curate this exhibition. Geoff is passionate about our industry and also keen to inspire the next generate of greeting card designers. 

This is your exhibition. Please send us your contributions by 31st July 2019. For further information on what to send please contact Amanda on  Submissions can be emailed to Geoff on