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Father’s Day 2019 Toolkit

Welcome to the Father's Day Toolkit! Our final Spring Seasons event is full to the brim with fabulous artwork to help promote Father's Day in your shop(s), using our signature line 'send a card, deliver a smile'.

Just download the free imagery from below and either print at home or at your local high street printer. A big thank you goes to UK Greetings' design team for developing all the beautiful artwork for this!

Are you doing any special promotions for Father's Day and looking for ways to publicise these?

Here's a link to our handy list of local press contacts across the UK.

This Father's Day Toolkit comprises beautiful landscape and portrait format posters across A3 and A4 sizes.

And... social media banner imagery for Facebook and Twitter as well as images for your company email sign offs.

Here they are!

Father's Day

A3 Portrait Poster jpg

A4 Portrait Poster jpg

A3 Landscape Poster jpg

A4 Landscape Poster jpg

Social Media and Email Banners

Facebook Banner jpg

Twitter Banner jpg

Email Sign-off jpg