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Debut Area To Be Reprised at Spring Fair 2018

The GCA has just announced that Spring Fair's Debut area, supported by the GCA, was such a success last year it is reprising this initiative for 2018.

The Debut area is a special scheme to help GCA member publishers try out Spring Fair for the first time. The little village of 16 stands is promoted as a ‘must see’ show section in Spring Fair’s marketing to all the buyers visiting the show. 

Sharon Little, GCA CEO, said, "We received such fantastic feedback from publishers who took advantage of the offer last year. It was hard to miss the massive DEBUT banner above the section in the hall at the show! The response to this announcement has already been very enthusiastic - so I'd advise anyone interested to book quickly, as the number of stands is limited!'.
The Details
All the Debut stands are 3m x 1m traditional shell schemes with white wooden walls, which can be painted and shelves attached.
The package includes: carpet, three spotlights and also the marketing charge (previously known as the media charge).
The total cost of the package has been kept at £1,250 + VAT, making a saving of £500+VAT on the standard cost of a 3m x 1m stand in the same ‘Gold’ zone.
To be eligible for this package you must be a small owner/publisher member looking to exhibit at Spring Fair for the first time.
If you have already booked as a first-time exhibitor for Spring Fair 2018, you have the option to move to Debut and gain the discount, but you do need to be (or become) a GCA member and you will need to let the Spring Fair team know asap.
This special deal is not available on stands outside this area.
Some other practicalities
Insurance is not included and is necessary. If you don’t have this already, we have a GCA discounted rate with TH March (see attached GCA Benefits of Membership).
You will also need to think about your accommodation and book this well in advance.
If you’re interested please contact Alison Graham, Event Director: Tel: 020 3033 2163
GCA Members who exhibited in last year’s Debut area are being offered a special GCA discount on stands outside of the Debut area at the 2018 show.

Not a GCA member yet? Membership costs from just £95 for small publishers.