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British Veterinary Association’s #BreedtoBreath Campaign

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is urging card publishers to stop producing cards featuring images of brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds, such as pugs, French bulldogs and Persian cats on their products as part of its #BreedtoBreathe campaign.

The BVA (the national representative body for the veterinary profession in the UK with 16,000 members) made contact with the Greeting Card Association (GCA) asking for the association’s help in informing members of the campaign.

In a letter to the GCA explaining more about issue, John Fishwick, president of the BVA, said that the popularity of Brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds such as pugs, French bulldogs and Persian cats have boomed in popularity over recent years, fuelled by the media, celebrities and the use of images of these animals on products and in advertising. “These are breeds that struggle with serious and often life-limiting health problems. Whilst many people perceive the squashed wrinkly faces of these breeds as appealing, in reality dogs and cats with short muzzles can struggle to breathe. They can also suffer from a range of other problems including eye ulcers, skin infections and spinal abnormalities,” John explained.

In its quest for animal welfare the BVA contacted the Greeting Card Association to encourage publishers to use appropriate healthy animals (real or CGI/cartoon) responsibly in on their products. Taking this request on board, Sharon Little, ceo of the GCA agreed has emailed all members about the campaign today (Feb 1).

Sharon informed the GCA membership that, “While the GCA would never attempt to tell our members what they should or should not publish, it is in our remit to let members know about this campaign and the attendant media attention it is likely to receive.”

Sharon has also informed the BVA that many greeting card publishers work to long lead times, so there is a great deal of product featuring these breeds already on sale and in production.

The BVA has also contacted retailers direct as well as some publishers on this matter. Comic Relief has recently pledged its support to the campaign.

This article was originally published on PG Buzz 1 February 2018