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Book Now for the Ladder Club Seminars 17 & 18th November 2015

Highly Recommended!

These are crash-courses in greeting card publishing run on a not for profit basis by Lynn Tait, of the Lynn Tait Gallery. Held once a year, there are two separate day’s seminars, this year on 17th and 18th of November 2015.

The first day, Getting on the Ladder, is for absolute beginners and the second day, Climbing the Ladder, is for publishers which have exhibited at at least one trade fair and have an annual turnover of over £3k. It is only possible to attend one day out of the two in a year.

Both seminars are packed full of essential information and feature publishers Jeremy Corner, founder and owner of Blue Eyed Sun, Karen Wilson and Claire Frost, directors of Paper Salad, specialist suppliers including Imaging Centre digital printers, GF Smith paper merchants and Sherwood Press printers as well as Jakki Brown, editor of Progressive Greetings, Sharon Little of the GCA and of course Lynn Tait herself..

Held in Westcliff on Sea in Essex, the cost for each day including lunch is £48 inc VAT and a hot lunch. Publishers are encouraged to arrive the evening before, stay in local B&Bs and join the speakers at a dinner to break the ice.

The first day's agenda will cover the rudiments of greeting card publishing – avoiding the early pitfalls, all the production queries and quandaries, how to price your cards, how to get your cards to market, preparing for trade shows and the advantages of being in The  Ladder Club! If you have never attended a Ladder Club seminar before, then this one is for you.

The second day is aimed at publishers who have already attended a Day One Ladder Club seminar. It is for publishers who have been trading for a little while, have made their trade show debut and want to know more about growing their business through better economies of scale, agents, licensing, supplying multiple retailers, brokerage and export. It will also cover some additional challenges, such as employing staff, copying and production diversification.

The Ladder Club members then go on to help each other up the rungs of the greeting card ladder via the network and Facebook group - this is the essence of The Ladder Club.

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