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100 years of the GCA - The Exhibition

In our 100th year we want to collect together a digital card archive to celebrate our vibrant innovative industry. As part of this archive, we’re planning an exhibition display to show the range of designs on the market today, look at the trends and changes over the last 100 years, and look at the future – where will our industry be in 2025, 2050 and beyond. We are thrilled that Geoff Sanderson, a talented senior creative force in our industry, has volunteered to curate this exhibition. Geoff is passionate about our industry and also keen to inspire the next generation of greeting card designers. The plan is to display the exhibition at our celebratory Centenary AGM on 17th October 2019 in London, and then allow it to travel around the country – more details on this to follow in due course! For now, we want to make sure all our members have the opportunity to be a part of this archive, and maybe even feature on the exhibition display, and make sure your designs are saved for future generations to celebrate. Please send in your entries by 31st July 2019

Imagine a generation of publishers in 100 years time looking at your card designs in awe! Have you been a pioneer in design, an innovator of cards, a breath of fresh air, or a greeting card disruptor? Now is your chance to become a part of history! 

Simply follow the 3 steps below to submit your designs – you’ll be included in the digital archive, and may be featured on the travelling exhibition display. 


Choose from your current range. Include a note with credits to designers, artists, writers, range name and a comment about why you think these cards celebrate the best of 2019, or what’s particular about the designs. Aim for 3 everyday and 1 seasonal.


Choose 4 designs from each previous decade. Again, aim for 3 everyday and 1 seasonal. Include a note about why you think the cards celebrates the history of your company or the card market, or historic events or societal changes it may relate to.


Send your designs and notes to geoffsanderson@mac. com. Please send as JPG or PDF, and if the files are large, use a file transfer service such as wetransfer. If you have questions, you can call Geoff on 07900 827 024.

This is YOUR Exhibition: Be a part of future history!