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London Flower Portraits

Publisher member

I have loved flowers for almost as long as I can remember. I enjoy being in a line of other floral artists in the family. I have had no formal art tuition as such. However, I owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to many others who have imbued me with this love, and encouraged me to expand my knowledge and composition skills, as well as those who have patiently guided me through the IT involved in producing them.

It has always been my strong wish that as one born in London, I should be able to use the flowers growing in my central London garden to help other Londoners, which I am happy to do through Quaker Social Action (QSA). To me flowers uniquely combine the qualities of robustness and delicate fragility.
I am a member of the Greetings Card Association, and sell my products in various outlets such as: flower shops, garden centres, a book shop, sometimes a hospital shop, a central London Quaker meeting house and possibly soon 'Things British'.

35 Trelawn Road, London, London, SW2 1DH, United Kingdom

Gillian Lowther
07910 657328

Art, Calendars, Charity Cards, Christmas, Cute, Handmade, Spring Seasons