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I have over 21 years experience as an international freelance illustrator and designer,
having illustrated well over a hundred titles.
Ever since I can remember, I have loved drawing animals and wildlife. I spent many years in Southern Africa when I was young and most of those years I had pencils in my hand, sketching the wealth of wildlife and observing the diverse cultures Africa has to offer.
I live in the UK and really enjoy and appreciate the british wildlife, but I still travel extensively to appreciate all wildlife and in their natural habitat.
I have also had the honour of working for a number of high profile individuals and in 2011 I had my work shown at the Mall Galleries in London for 'The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation', 'The Best of Wildlife Art'.
My greeting cards are of all my artwork. I am very diverse and will be happy to develop any artwork that is needed for the market.

Terry Austen
01509 856682
07940 827529

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