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Zaquarella/ ˈzæk.wəˈrɛlə/ Noun: that happy feeling when you find the right greeting card for your special message
Zaquarella greeting cards are innovative and fresh in their approach to design. They make use of original watercolour art in a modern way to ensure that their cards are beautiful to look at and say exactly what their clients want in today's world. The Zaquarella Greeting Card ranges make use of Floral, Animal and every day objects in their designs! They are obsessed with quality in both design and manufacture and all products are published in Britain. They make use of quality sustainable paper products, luxuriously firm and smooth to the touch and which won’t smudge your message. Matching and colourful envelopes are always provided and each greeting card is wrapped individually in clear cellophane. The greetings cards are blank inside.
Zaquarella proudly supports Artists.

Willow Barn, Mill Hill, Edenbridge, South East, TN8 5DB, United Kingdom

Keith Dickson
07577 001145
07577 001145

Art, Christmas, Cute, Giftwrapping, Humorous, Relations and Occasions, Spring Seasons, Trend and Graphic, Wedding Stationery, Wholesale