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Based in Margate, I have been hand printing greetings cards, sketchbooks and prints from linocuts since 2012. I use my 1950s laundry mangle to reel out prints inspired by popular culture, animals and objects that I find entertaining or interesting.

Many people struggle to find cards to give to their loved ones. For a lot of people who are truly individual, an off-the-shelf card that has been mass-produced just won't do!

The cards that Rattycatcat sell are for obsessive collectors of cat teapots, for those who hate people but love animals, people who have a quirk or an obsession or a passion that is just outside the norm, and for those who know that they should send a card but just don't want to be too nice about it. It's also a brand designed for lovers of art and creativity, who want to pass on the joy of a handmade gift, and a process too.

Libby Morris
07914 801782

Art, Children's, Christmas, Handmade, Wholesale