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The Brightsoul

Bright Soul is a small and highly creative startup business inspired by the esoteric and the spiritual experiences of it's founders - Ricky and Linda Laforge.

Linda is the driving force of Bright Soul but relies heavily on Rick for encouragement, inspiration and solid no nonsense help and advice. He is her rock and muse.

Linda trained as a Graphic Designer back in the day and was a professional illustrator and tutor at the London College of Printing during the 1990's. She then worked as a Vintage dealer for many years living in France where she eventually met Rick.

Rick was always psychic but told no one of his natural gifts before he met Linda. Today they are both Lightworkers and it is in this sphere that Rick excels . Together they share their lives and spiritual journey with their wonder dog called Jess.

Jessie was a gift from the spirits' who aptly call her ' The Bright Soul'...

Linda Laforge
07716 148809

Art, Trend and Graphic