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Barley Bay

Publisher member

Bringing POW to card spinners and capturing the imaginations of discerning art lovers. Barley Bay’s diverse and vibrant ranges mean you can find cards that appeal to different artistic tastes in one place.
From classic sentiments to evocative landscapes. From quirky animals to calming coastal scenes. There are 11 (and counting!) ranges, including the quirky Animal Fair, and exotic Tropical Garden.
Our varied design techniques include:
• Felt, dye-and-stitch, and embroidery;
• Mixed media textiles and digital collage;
• Photographic and digital graphic art.
Are you interested in special design themes such as regional locations? We are flexible and can often accommodate your requests.
Brought to you by Design Nation Fellow textile artist and photographer duo the Huttons, who have spent years honing their crafts. These are timeless, miniature artworks that recipients will treasure.

Myra Hutton
01908 583316
07722 136495

Art, Children's, Christmas, Photographic, Relations and Occasions, Trend and Graphic, Wholesale