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Kapelki Art

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Kapelki Art is a publisher whose aim is to contribute a different and vibrant offering of greetings cards which are perfect to help celebrate all occasions.

The style is incredibly recognisable and attracts a lot of fans.
Most ranges are based on the works of the famous Russian artist, Yuri Vasnetsov (1900-1973). Bright and playful images take us beyond modern stresses to a time when we felt comfort and child-like innocence. The bold simplicity of Vasnetsov's style, coupled with his attention to detail make his work accessible and memorable to all ages, a perfect complement to happy moments in your life.

Kapelki Art also offer a beautiful floral range of blank greeting cards with a more classic feel to the designs.

Feel free to contact us for your free catalogue and samples.

Galina Pagliaro
07761 778144
07761 778144

Art, Calendars, Children's, Christmas, Cute, Spring Seasons, Wholesale