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Decorque Cards

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At Decorque Cards by Lesley R Stevens you will find a beautiful collection of over 80 uniquely designed, digitally-printed cards. Many of these designs originate from the home accessories collection which now also available on the Decorque Cards website.

My design inspiration always comes from nature, bringing together the indigenous British flora and fauna with the exotic, and an eclectic mix of interesting textures and patterns. I like to keep the freshness of nature alive, whether drawn, hand-painted, photographed or created in Illustrator or Photoshop.

To help you find that perfect card, a new range of handmade cards is available and many can be personalized for most occasions.

2 Briar End, Kidlington, Oxford, South East, OX5 2YB, United Kingdom

Lesley Stevens
01865 841689

Art, Children's, Christmas, Handmade, Relations and Occasions, Spring Seasons, Wedding Stationery, Wholesale