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Bonnie Blackbird

Bonnie Blackbird is the creation of ‘The Henries’ nominated designer Penny Taggart and includes stylish and light-hearted greeting card collections, eye-catching prints, colourful children's ranges and sophisticated stationery.

The humour element is key to Penny who believes that life is too short to be taken seriously. "Clearly there are times when only a serious card is appropriate (we do those too!) – but for all other occasions, this is the perfect time to reinforce that special bond shared between friends, family and loved ones. This can be done by both the personal handwritten message inside and selecting a design that shows an understanding between the sender and recipient. ‘Stylish’ doesn’t have to mean serious, and ‘humorous’ doesn’t have to be brash."

The Bonnie Blackbird brand covers a multitude of target markets whilst maintaining a consistently refreshing array of distinctive colour palettes, contrasting typographic styles and quirkily nostalgic concepts. The ‘luxury snail mail’ aims to acknowledge and appreciate life’s little idiosyncrasies and are well-designed, well thought and, most importantly, well received.

Penny Taggart
07799 280584
07799 280584

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